About Us

In 1988, two entrepreneurs stumbled onto a new tech industry and hot business idea: Remanufactured Printer Cartridges. C.E. and Bob had recently sold another small business and were looking for a new venture. They spread a tarp over Bob's pool table and started rebuilding printer cartridges. They were the builders, salesmen, delivery guys, and accounting managers of their new company. Back then, C.E.'s daughter was just a teenager who was very disinterested in her dad's new business. They operated our company on the following principles:

  • Sell Good Quality Products.
  • Follow Through on Promises.
  • Conduct Business with Honesty and Integrity.

Since taking over the business in 2004, Mr. Butridge's daughter has continued to follow them. Because of this, our now woman-owned-and-operated business has continued to grow. Our current owner enjoys what she does. She and our staff treat our customers fairly and honestly, giving them a great deal on high-quality printer cartridges and more. We even provide free candy.

Customer Satisfaction

Making our customers smile is important to us. For this reason, once we've assisted you, we keep your information on file. This way, when you contact us in the future, we can help you faster.

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