Printer Repair & Maintenance in DFW 

Keep your office running smoothly with LaserSaver. We offer on-site printer service and repair throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. In many cases, we can provide contactless pick up, repair, and re-delivery of your printer. Our friendly technicians are knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions or troubleshoot over the phone.

Call or email today at 972-673-0801 or We're here to help!

Toner for Laser Printers

Remote Printer Services

Most laser printers require occasional maintenance to keep them working perfectly. If you are having an issue with your machine, reach out to us. One of our techs will troubleshoot the problem over the phone, and if needed, we'll send a tech to your location to handle it for you.

On-Site Service Calls

If your printer is jammed or not printing properly, you may need a service call. When you call or email us for assistance, we'll send a tech to your office within the next half business day. Our specialists are trained and certified with years of experience, which gives them the skills to fix most printers in about an hour. Price-wise, we charge $95 an hour plus parts for our on-site printer services.

$$$ Saving Tip:

If your print is smudgy, streaky, spotty or too light, try changing out the cartridge. Empty or defective cartridges are often the culprit and a service call is not necessary. If a LaserSaver cartridge is defective, we'll replace it for free with our 1-year warranty. :)

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